Amanda (lovelydenial) wrote in petbulls,

Random adorable Baxter.

I am still alive and reading.. Are YOU?!?!?!?!

I had a baby awhile back (he's 8 weeks old today) so I've been quiet but around, promise.

I still have both annoying,big,beautiful pups . Georgia turned 9 in August, did I post about that? Baxter is 7 until March.

Baxter is daddy's baby. He has always been spoiled before my husband and I got together (well, he still is I suppose) He is a pushy loud mouth of a giant but he is adjusting to the baby well.

Georgia doesn't even seem to notice except she licks him when he's face level-of course...

8 weeks old .

Both dogs and our (newish) matching white and torti kitty sunning themselves. ( please signore the toys everywhere haha)

Carlin Richard. 9/4/13


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