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Cuddle-Therapy Pibble, New Dog Bite Study, Honoring a Friend

  • Cuddle care: Pit bull puppy rests with dogs out of surgery to keep them calm at Denkai’s vet clinic in Eaton | Greeley Tribune -- [Dominic was just a puppy, so the staff gave him a little leeway. But they needed to give him something to do. They found their answer when they watched Dominic cuddle with a dog coming out of surgery. He now has one of the most important jobs in the Eaton clinic.] (via Doug Toyryla)

  • New Study Confirms Preventable Factors in Dog Bites, Breed Not Relevant | Stubbydog
    As advocates, we are all too familiar with the dog bite fatality report that was published in 2000 titled “Breeds of dogs involved in fatal human attacks in the United States between 1979 and 1998.” This data set has been used incessantly to support breed discriminatory laws, even though the authors of this report themselves have made several statements explaining why the report does NOT support these ineffective and costly laws. ...

    This was the only study of its kind, until earlier this month when the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association (JAVMA) published the “Co-occurrence of potentially preventable factors in 256 dog bite–related fatalities in the United States (2000–2009).” The objective of the study was to “examine potentially preventable factors in human dog bite-related fatalities (DBRFs) on the basis of data from sources that were more complete, verifiable, and accurate than media reports used in previous studies.” ...

    Most dog bite related fatalities had the above preventable factors in common, but nowhere was breed found to be a factor.

  • Aaand this and it's suddenly very dusty in here I don't know:

    (The comments to the post are chock full of Reddit awesomeness.)
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