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Washington State House Judiciary Committee is holding a hearing TOMORROW to ban BSL STATEWIDE...

Dear Everyone,

Please help me.  Tomorrow, the Washington State House Judiciary Committee is holding a hearing tomorrow at 8 am, to consider banning BSL statewide.

This is huge because there are several cities and counties in this State that ban dogs based on appearance, and their descriptors are frighteningly nebulous--"pit bull" can mean anything with a boxy head to any dog which may or may not have descended from any of the "bully" breeds.  There are many cities up and down I-5 that you should not travel through if you own a Bully--because your dog can be confiscated and euthanised even if you are just a tourist.

So please, PLEASE click on the link.  And please write a tactful letter to the legislators listed.  It doesn't have to be a long letter--it can be something as simple as this:

Dear Representative Jinkins,

I am not a resident of Washington State, but I do visit and do business there.  It concerns me that so many counties and cities have breed specific laws in place, laws that punish dogs for nothing more than appearance.  These laws are antiquated and ineffective, and they do nothing to protect the public.  In fact, they actually harm the public-they potentially harm members of your constituency-because these laws prohibit ownership of, and in many cases, mandate the seizure and euthanization of beloved family pets who have done nothing wrong.

Please make a stand for justice, Representative Jinkins.  Please help Washington show the rest of American that it is one of the most forward-thinking States in the Union.  Please stop Breed Specific Legislation in your State.

Very sincerely,

Your Name Here

It's super easy to do this.  You can even copy-pasta what I've written here, just change it up a little to keep it fresh.  And thank you for your help.  I live in a County that's considering BSL and I've got 2 Bullies (Luka and Ozzy) who'd be in danger if that legislation were to come to pass.

Luka (Sproxer) and Ozzy (Bull Terrier) both thank you for your time.  <3
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