Brandy (neive) wrote in petbulls,

Potentially Tagged By Dog Fighters?

Hi guys,

My close friend got back to her house today to find a long black ribbon tied onto her fence and trailing onto her next door neighbor and cross-street neighbors yards. All 3 of them have dogs (2 confirmed pits/staffies). It was supremely long and looks like whoever did it probably had to run off before they could cut it. She unfortunately lives in a really sketchy part of the town and has been seeing a new graffiti around the neighborhood of "vamos", and in the past few weeks noticed one of her fences had been messed with and attempted to be broken into. The next door neighbors dog (who's also unfortunately outside almost all the time) has been antsy and acting like someone is outside nearby at night. The fence could've been from something months ago, but after this happening now we're not sure if it is an old event or not. She had objects by it that blocked whoever was trying to get in at the time.

Long story short, has anyone else heard/seen of anything like this, and is it likely related to other activities or a mark on them all being dog houses? I tried doing some searching and most cases I read of people were using blue ribbons, and it being rumored to be a tag for potential dog-thefts or break-ins. Dog theft was a recurring theme though. Any confirmation to this or what else it could be?

She's going to take precautions in the meantime and contact the police tomorrow to let them know, but just trying to get some more information on this since we're not familiar with it. :c Even though they aren't my dogs the idea of them being a target for dog fighting rings is extremely unsettling.
Tags: advice, dog fighting
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