Sara (oceanlull) wrote in petbulls,


Don't let those pretty brown eyes fool you - this little beast has been a demon lately and I'm not sure what to do about it.

Over the last three days he has destroyed the ugly orange chair (which he had no issue with up until now), torn up at least one paper towel roll, chewed the nose of my Katy Perry perfume bottle, ate all of my cranberry supplements, ate all of my vitamins, pooped on the carpet next to the bed (twice), destroyed the XBox controller and keyboard extension,chewed the handle off my window scraper,  ate poop and threw it up in the living room, refused to listen to the "Leave it" command, and "Down" command when on the couch/bed/my lap. He sits on his sister, gnaws on her face, terrorizes her. Although he's getting better about jumping on people when he's excited, he will still do it occasionally and nip (playfully).

He is a little over a year old, and recently was neutered.

It's been too cold to take him for a walk consistently and I know that's probably a large part of it, but I am running out of ideas to keep him from destroying things and eating things he shouldn't.

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