Scott K (skreidle) wrote in petbulls,
Scott K

Lucy the Agility AmStaff!

Road to the AKC National Agility Championship: Lucy | AKC Dog Lovers

"'MACH2 Lovely Lucy-Fur' is an American Staffordshire Terrier who was rescued from a Los Angeles city shelter by local resident Andrea Johnson. Lucy was a year and a half old but weighed just 27 lbs and was under-socialized with a host of fear-based issues. As a way to train the dog, Andrea started agility lessons with her. Just a few short years later, Lucy has become a two time Master Agility Champion and is head to the AKC National Agility Championship in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in just a week!"

Cherry aspires to this awesome rescue's level of AmStaffin' agility! :)
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