anamomda (anamomda) wrote in petbulls,


Our beautiful Roxy (our entire family, really) is being lied about to our new neighborhood in Ohio via messages on Roxy is being called an "aggressive pitbull" that we "keep locked up inside" nearly 24/7 by a couple retaliating after we filed a bite report when their dog bit our daughter... for the second time! They are publicly denying that bites took place (unbelievable), and posting accusations that are so false, they're libelous! And so I've responded by creating a public Facebook group/page showing vids and pics of Roxy outside, on walks, enjoying car rides, being trained, performing tricks, and behaving gently with children, friends, our cat, and even a pet rat. Page also features testimonials from people who actually know our dog. Help fight breed discrimination one dog at a time by checking the site to help support our Rox-girl!

Or simply enter "we support Roxy" in your Facebook search bar. Thanks, petbullers! image
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