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*~ Pet Bulls ~*

Home to the Most Lovable Bullys on LJ!

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A community for all bully breeds!

petbulls is the largest pro-bully breed community on LiveJournal. We are a close-knit, photo intensive community with weekly themed photo contests, along with stories from owners and general breed information.

About us:

We are a safe haven to those who love and are loved by the wide variety of bully breeds in this world. We see them for what they truly are, not what the media tell people they are. We welcome owners and fans of all bully breeds from Pit Bulls to Boxers to Mastiffs and mixes!

In this community we support responsible ownership. We accept experienced owners as well as new owners willing to learn and fans of the bully breeds. We welcome questions about the various bully breeds, training, socialization, behavior and health. We try to help whenever and wherever possible.

We support spaying and neutering. There are thousands of bullys dying in shelters all over the world and we don't want to add to the problem. On that note, we do support responsible breeding practices by those who health test and strive for the absolute best in temperament and conformation. We are big supporters of rescue and will advise that you go to your local shelter to save a bully in need before going to a backyard breeder or pet shop. We have a lot of members here that are involved in rescue and some who run their own rescues.

We support obedience training, proper socialization and making your bully an ambassador for their breed. They need all the angels they can get.

We do not support any illegal activities, such as dog fighting. If you support dog fighting, please move on. We also do not support irresponsibility in any way. We are all strongly against breed specific legislation and believe the old quotation, "punish the deed not the breed".


1. No flaming or harassment. Try to be polite and as civil as possible.
1a. Do not delete your post or comments. Own your words.
2. No promotion of of dog fighting, BSL or breedism in any way.
3. Keep posts on topic. Pictures, stories and questions are strongly encouraged.
4. LJ-cuts are your friend. If posting multiple pictures, one picture outside the cut is okay. If pictures are over 600x400, please use an lj-cut for all pictures.
5. Please follow the rules for the weekly photo theme week.

**Failure to follow the rules will result in a warning or a ban, depending on the situation.**


Photo theme week rules:

1. For each contest, each member may submit ONE photo. The one photo may contain any number of bullys.
2. The new theme will begin Sunday night and run until Friday night. Voting will take place from Friday night till Sunday night. SUBMISSIONS MUST BE IN BY 9PM EST ON FRIDAY OR THEY WILL NOT BE COUNTED.
3. A poll will be posted on Friday with the list of participants. You can select your favorite (as long as it isn't your own dog). The winner will be announced Sunday when the new theme starts.
4. When posting your theme entry, you MUST include the words "Theme week" and the name of the dog in your subject line and use the **theme week** tag.
5. When posting your theme photo with other photos, please leave the picture you've chosen for the theme week outside the lj-cut.
6. Please be relevant when posting submissions. That's why it's a theme.
7. Theme week winners cannot enter the following week. (this does not apply to mod's choice)
9. A winning photo cannot be used again in another weekly contest.

This week's theme:


To view our past theme winners, please click here (this will be updated soon)

If you would like to SUGGEST A THEME FOR THEME WEEK, please post it HERE.

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